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Forefoot Pain Treatment Process



This is my current treatment process for patients with pain to the front of their feet.

  • 1st Visit - Evaluate your condition, review x-rays, and perform a walking evaluation to determine the severity of your condition. Start working to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and reduce stress through your foot. 
  • Shockwave and Amnio Injection - Many of my patients benefit from a series of 3-6 sessions of shockwave therapy to improve blood flow and recovery of the soft tissue to the forefoot region. At times to help speed up the healing an Amniotic injection is beneficial.  
  • Orthotics - Orthotics are useful to stabilize the heel position, help with posture and reduce excess movement of the foot that can increase stress in the bunion.  
  • Daily Rituals - These are the daily rituals that can be used with other office-based treatments. Short foot exercises (2 minutes 2x a day), icing or contrast baths (10 minutes 2x a day), anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks at a therapeutic dose if painful, anatomic shoes with Oofos sandals in the house, and avoid going barefoot. 

  • Cortisone Injection - Rarely I use cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation if you have severe pain because it can cause weakening to the joints in the foot.



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