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Maceration & Exostectomy Treatment Process



This is my current treatment process for a bone spur on the side of the baby toe (pinky). The video will show the surgical treatment of the bone spur.

  • Evaluation - Determine if you have a bone spur causing a painful callus. This is often done with X-rays and a metallic marker placed on your foot to see the spur on the x-ray. 
  • Non-Surgical Treatments - Treatment begins with wider shoes, spacers between toes, and padding on the toes. It also includes removing the painful callus on the side of the toe. If this becomes recurrent, we proceed to the surgical option. 
  • Maceration Treatment - Many times the skin is damp and white and may even develop a sore between the toes. This is dried with lamb's wool and different drying agents between the toes like betadine, castellani pain, or gentian violet. See them in products section below. 
  • Surgery - This surgery is typically done in the office. A small incision is done on the toe after numbing it up. A rasp is used to grind down the prominent bone spur. One or two stitches are placed, and you can't get the foot wet for 10-14 days until the stitches are removed. During recovery, you can't get the incision wet, and a special shoe may be recommended or a wider shoe.  
  • Prevention - The best way to prevent these painful calluses from the "kissing corns" is to wear wider shoes and spacers between toes. 



Here are some of the best recommendations I have found on Amazon for painful rubbing toes and callusing.

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