My child’s foot hurts in cleats.

The beginning of every sport season, whether it be football, baseball or soccer, I see different patients in the office and I see them because they start wearing cleats because they have been wearing flip-flops or just normal shoes. Cleats in my opinion are one of the worse shoes that you can wear because they do not allow any give as well they have very minimal support because they are form-fitting to your feet. Some of my patients that have very flat feet find them very uncomfortable going from an Asics or a New Balance type of a shoe into a cleat with no support. There are some things that we can do for this. There are some orthotics that we can make or inserts that go into the shoe that can help reduce the flattening of the foot and this a lot of times is enough for kids to become more comfortable. Be aware of your children when you are having them try cleats on, both at the store and when they start playing the game or even start playing the practices. If they are not running as much or they are complaining about their feet, you should get them checked out by a podiatrist and they may even need an x-ray. Kids usually do not stop playing unless it really hurts them. So that is a reason to get that checked out. 

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A little bit about how I became to be a podiatrist.

Many of my patients ask me, “How in the world did you decide to become a podiatrist when there are a lot of other doctors that you can be?” I chose to become a podiatrist because I like to help people and I like to get people out of their pain quickly. But really where it stems from is when I was 17, I was an exchange student to Brazil. And while I was in Brazil those that are there they tend to give their children three options of jobs. You can either become a dentist, a doctor, or a lawyer. When I got back to the states I was pre-med and a history major and I was trying to figure out what area of medicine I wanted to do. I shadowed a lot of different doctors and the ones that I liked the most were the podiatrists. I did not even know podiatry existed before, but when I found out and they had a good lifestyle, they liked their patients, they did surgery in the office and the hospital, they had a lot of very nice patients, and for the most part their patients did not die, I thought that was the profession for me. After that I moved to Chicago, went to college, I went to podiatry school at Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, and then I went to Residency in Worcester, MA both at St. Vincent Hospital and UMass. I have been there ever since. So that is a little bit about me and how I ended up in Brazil and chose podiatry as a profession.

Dr. Donald Pelto

How extra bone can cause slow wound healing.

In this podcast I'm talking a little bit about how to bones or accessory bones can cause increased pressure and wounds on the bottom of the foot I'll explain a little bit about how removing it maybe necessary. If you promise helpful you can get your free 10 week course on wound healing at

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Nail Salon Handbook

I recently did a lecture to a Nail Salon in Worcester on some of the more common foot and nail conditions that nail technicians may see.  Please let me know what you think about this video.  There is a lot to cover here so I go kind of fast.

How sciatica can affect your feet

Many of my patients in Worcester, MA come in with foot pain, but then when I start asking them more questions I also find that they have a condition called sciatica. If you do not know what sciatica is, it is a condition where you get pinching of the nerves in your back as they go up your spine into your spinal cord and you tend to have a shooting pain down your leg. If you are lying down on your back and you lift up one leg and you get a shooting pain down the leg that is very common for sciatica. I find that many of my patients when they have sciatica they change the way that they walk. Because of the change in the way that they walk they can develop heel pain from that. So just be on the lookout that if you have heel pain and sciatica the pain might not be from the heel, but it might be from the back and you should probably get the back treated with either an orthopedic surgeon or a chiropractor first.

Foot in the face!!!

Recently my wife and I had an ultrasound of our baby to be but she was trying to show off. She was putting her foot in her face. I have never seen a patient do this before. 
I hope you enjoy the picture. 
Dr. Pelto