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Wart Treatment Process



This is my current treatment process for treating warts. My video may reflect previous treatment plans. 

  • Evaluation - Determine if you have a wart and evaluate previous treatments. If unsure, obtain a skin sample. 
  • Swift - This is our most successful treatment, which has been done many times in combination with other treatments below. It is 90% effective in 3-4 visits. 
  • Cantharidin - Our most common treatment method is "beetle juice" or Cantharidin. This causes blistering on the foot and may be used together with a topical treatment between visits. It is painful for 3-5 days after treatment. You usually need 3-6 treatments.
  • Laser - This method is more painful and causes blistering on the skin. It can be used in conjunction with Cantharidin or as a stand-alone treatment. It is painful when performing the treatment but usually less painful afterward. Usually need 3-6 treatments. 
  • Topical - Different topical treatments such as salicylic acid, Carac cream and Aldara can be used alone or in conjunction with office treatments treatments. These are used daily under occlusion. That means you put the cream on and then apply a bandage to allow the medication to stay in the correct place. This can be a band-aid, plastic wrap or dressing.
  • Prevention - Warts can come back; therefore, frequent evaluation is necessary. If the wart comes back in the same location it usually from incomplete cure but if there is one in another location this is from new wart. 


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