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Fracture Treatment Process


Here are the presentation slides for this condition.


This is my current treatment process for patients with fractures or broken bones 

  • 1st Visit - Evaluate your condition, review x-rays. Start working to reduce pain with either a rigid shoe, post op shoe or walking boot. If there is a toe fracture buddy taping is recommended with 1 inch coban around the toes. Patients will limit their activity based on pain level. 
  • 2nd Visit - Will evaluate the initial treatments and get follow up x-ray to evaluate the healing if indicated. Some types of fractures consistently heal in well and do not need follow up unless there are any other issues.  
  • Shockwave & Bone Stimulator - Some fractures are slow to heal or patients opt to help heal it faster using shockwave treatment or a bone stimulator.
  • Surgery - At times surgery is needed for slow healing fractures or those that are out of the proper position. 



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