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Foot Wound Treatment Process



This is my current treatment process for treating patients with foot wounds. This video is a lecture on healing foot wounds and your feet. 

  • Evaluation - Determine severity of your ulcers or wound.
  • Off-loading - Reduce pressure to the ulcer region to help it heal.
  • Wound dressings - This is what you put on the wound to help it heal. It can be betadine, collagen or other medications.
  • Antibiotics - If you have an infection a medication may be prescribed for your. 
  • Prevention - Evaluation of shoes and risk factors can help reduce further problems once the ulcer is healed. 


  • Diabetic Shoe Information - Here are my shoe recommendations and shoe-related resources for diabetic shoes. 

  • Weight Loss - Here are my resources on weight loss for my patients. 
  • Diabetes Code - This a great book on diabetes and how to reverse diabetes. 


Here are some of the best recommendations I have found on Amazon for foot and ankle wounds.

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