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Fitting your brace to your shoe

When you first get a brace you need to be aware of how to put on the brace and fit it into a shoe. 

This can be difficult for a number of reasons including lack of flexibility, improper shoe type for the brace or not learning how to put the brace into the shoe with a shoe horn or similar device. 

What shoe to use with braces?

The type of shoe used when wearing a brace is usually an extra depth shoe with with a wide toe box and it is usually 1/2 to a full size larger shoe. 

You might be able to find these shoes at a running shoe store but there are some specific shoe stores online that will be helpful. 

Orthofeet has a selection of shoes for fitting with braces you can get here -

If you are having difficulty please reach out to the office so we can help you by calling (508) 757-4003.

Breaking in your brace

When getting used to a brace after you have found a shoe that works be aware that a new brace can cause some common problems. 

Blister, red spots, ulcers and rubbing are most common when getting use to a brace. Consider wearing a sock that is higher to prevent rubbing and make sure you shoe is the proper size. 

Check your skin after each time when breaking in the brace. Start with one hour the first day and keep increasing an hour a day until you can wear the brace all day long without any issues. 


Do you need more help?

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