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Detached Toenail or Onycholysis Treatment Process


This is my current treatment process for detached toenail. 

  • 1st Visit - Evaluate toenails and any causes contributing to the condition such as tight shoes, trauma  or nail fungus. 
  • Treatment Options - If there is no fungus but only a detached toenail the treatment options include.
    • No treatment - Give it time to see if the nail reattaches to the nail bed, avoid cleaning under the toenail.
    • Onyfix - This is a brace that is attached to the base of the toenail to help the toenail to reattach. Here is a video explanation.
    • Toenail removal - Removing part or all of the nail can help the toenail to attach again. If you have had toenail removal here are the patient education forms on post-operative care.


After having a nail procedure there are a few complications that can occur.

  • Recurrence - This is where the nail continues to be detached even after removal.
  • Distal Tip Ingrown - At times a tip of the toenail can become ingrown. This is common when the entire nail is removed and as it regrows this can cause ingrowing at the tip. Some treatment options include T taping of the skin on the tip of the toenail, Kera nail gel to soften the nail and make it more flexible or Onyfix to help stabilize the nail so that it does not grow into the distal skin. 


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