Fifth metatarsal fracture. How to treat if you have diabetes?

I see many patients in the office that have diabetes and they get a broken foot. This patient in particular had a broken foot, as you can see on the fifth metatarsal, which is a very difficult place to heal for most people because there is poor blood flow to that area. What I recommend with a gap in there is to just try and let it heal on its own using a walking boot or crutches with non-walking and a bone stimulator to help stabilize and help produce bone growth across that fracture site, also making sure that your blood sugar is under control and you’re eating well to help bone growth. Smoking is an absolute no-no when you have a bone break and you’re trying to heal it, and if it doesn't get better, the treatment is to put a screw across that fracture site for it to resolve the break.

To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto