Elegant Idea - Follow Up Then

Hi, this is Don here. I want to talk today about an elegant idea that I actually wish someone had told me about a long time ago.  There are a few websites and there are a few tools that I really use on a daily basis.  One of them I want to talk about today is something called Follow Up Then.  So, do you ever have certain e-mails in your e-mail box that you eventually need to get to, but maybe not this week, or you want to follow up on an e-mail that you sent to someone? Up to now, I haven't had a way of doing this.  What Follow Up Then allows you to do is really follow up with things on a timely basis without filling up your e-mail box.  Because my goal when I look at my e-mail, just as a hint, I like to just check my e-mail once a day.  That's really a tool that I learned; and I don't check it first thing in the morning, I always check it about noontime.  That one time a day is enough to take care of everything that needs to get taken care of, delegate, delete, things like that.  But then certain items, for example, I want to reply to a patient about a problem and I'll reply, and then in the BCC line, BCC is blind carbon copy, I can include one of these e-mail adddresses, like oneweek@FollowUpThen or twoweeks@FollowUpThen, and you can get all this information on their website. What happens is I send that e-mail, and then it actually sends me the e-mail back in one week.  So it jogs my memory and then I can do a follow up call, do a follow up e-mail, and the patient does not know about it.  I use this for a lot of different reminders, things that I want to do. You can even do life things.  For example, you want to send out a card to your wife or significant other, you can do that yearly on a specific day.  You can do like september23@FollowUpThen and it will send it to you every September 23rd.  There's a lot of different things that you can do.  And it goes much more in depth for you, but this is one of the most helpful tools that I've used in a long, long time.  There's only a few that I use all the time, but this is one I use pretty much every day.  For example, if you have an e-mail that you want to do in a week or two, for example, you have some continuing education that you need to do or take care of something that someone e-mailed you, but a week from now you just get it out of your e-mail box.  You put oneweek@FollowUpThen and it will send it back to you in a week and then you can deal with it instead of having it clog up your mind and using different folders and things like that.  So I hope you found this helpful.

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