Bunion padding, kind of like padding for a football player!


I like to sometimes show funny images and here is a picture of a patient that reminded me of a football player. As you know when you play football you have a lot of pads on and here you can see a few images. The first one you can see her foot with a bunion and on the outside of the fifth toe there is a hammer toe that I trimmed down a callus. Here are some pictures of her x-ray where you can see how the big toe joint separates and also the little toe is going up in the air. But as well you can see afterwards I tried to do some nonsurgical treatment for her. Besides getting wider shoes for some of my patients they like to use different types of pads and here is a Dig pad on the little toe and a silicone pad on the big toe. This can help them to fit into shoes easier and be more comfortable, especially if they have pain pressing on that area as well as sometimes we may need to do different types of injections such as a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation in the area.