Medrol Dose Pack - Will a steroid make me fat?

I have a lot of patients who I am either going to give a cortisone injection, which is a steroid, or I put them on a Medrol Dosepak, which is a dosage of prednisone for a period of time.  The big question I get is, "isn't the steroid going to make me fat?".  I always tell people that for an injection, the steroid is out of your system in about a day or so and it stays locally in the area and it does not disburse around and it is not going to make you fat after just one injection. The other type of medication is a Medrol Dosepak. It is a five-day dosage of prednisone and only after five days, you stop it, and so it is not going to have the effects of weight gain whereas some people who are chronically on a steroid, they get increased weight gain.  How do you use a Medrol Dosepak?  Well usually, it is 4 mg per tablet and you get 21 of them. What we do is we give two tablets before breakfast for the first day and then one tablet after lunch and dinner, and then two tablets at bedtime (that is six tablets the first day).  Then, on the second day, you take one tablet before breakfast, one tablet after lunch and dinner, and two tablets before bedtime. Day three, you do same as day two, except you do one tablet at bedtime. Day four, you do one tablet before breakfast, after lunch, and at bedtime.  Day five, you do one tablet after breakfast and at bedtime. Day six, you do one tablet after breakfast. This is called a diminishing dosage of prednisone.  When we are trying to treat an area of inflammation, a steroid, such as prednisone, is very effective, but you need to lower the dosage gradually so your body does not recognize that it is losing the prednisone.  If you think that you might need a Medrol Dosepak or a steroid to treat your area of inflammation, you should contact your doctor.