Why do I get athlete's foot when I am far from being an athlete?

Many of my patients come into my office and they have Athlete’s foot and I joke around with them, “I know it is probably because you are not an athlete. I don’t know how you got this.” Athlete’s foot is a condition called tinea pedis. It is a fungal infection in the skin that can happen between the toes as you can see in this picture or on the bottom of your foot. Many times it is flaky and scaly and it can be itchy. However, there are certain people that do not have any pain or discomfort with it, but it just kind of lives there on their skin. The best way of treating this is with a topical antifungal. There are a lot of very good ones that you can find over the counter such as Lotrimin cream and some of the different sprays. However, if what you try over the counter does not work in a few weeks, you should see a professional because many times it can be dermatitis or some other type of skin problem and it is not just for athletes anymore.