Tu Diabetes

For a lot of my patients that have diabetes and they speak Spanish there are a lot of really good websites online. One of the most popular ones that I found is called TuDiabetes. This has information both in English and in Spanish for different types of patients. It has a wealth of information about medications, about changing your diet, and about taking care of yourself. I think you will find it very, very helpful. There are some interesting videos and especially testimonials from some other people that have diabetes. That is a very good point regarding testimonials or other people’s experiences. When someone develops a disease like diabetes they tend to isolate themselves and try to deal with it by themselves and not get anyone involved. That is why one of the best things in dealing with diabetes is to deal with a support group or a group of other people that are going through the same condition. That is why I recommend this website called TuDiabetes. This is helpful for anyone in the world who has diabetes and wants to learn more information.