How do I keep pressure off the heel wound in bed?

Many times I have patients around the Worcester, MA area that contact me and want to know how to keep pressure off a heel wound. Just this week I had a local nursing home contact me because they had a patient that was lying in bed and they developed a heel wound. This heel wound was caused by them being in bed most of the time, but the problem with this patient is that the patient was there not due to age but due to other health conditions.  This patient would not keep a shoe on and would not keep on any devices that they put on their feet. You will see in this picture an example of the boot that I recommended. It is called a Multi Podus Boot, and this is used to keep the pressure off the heel in bed. It has a portion on the bottom to walk on, but you really should not walk on it. The challenge still was how to keep this boot on the patient. What I advised them to do is to either use some CoBand or a wrap to go around it or better yet to use a zip tie to help keep the boot on the foot so they would not remove it. By doing it this way, within a couple of weeks with the dressing on the wound, it would heal and the patient would be able to keep going with their life. However, if you just put the boot on itself without thistype of a strap, the patient would just pull the boot off and walk normally.