Ankle Sprains

A patient of mine asked for more information on Ankle Sprains.  Here you go!!
Ankle sprains can be very challenging to treat. Usually they happen when doing a sports or another activity and can swell up on the side of your ankle.  I usually explain that the ligaments that are injured protect the tendons that are deeper around the ankle.  First the ligaments get injured and then the tendons tear and finally the ankle may break if the sprain is very bad.
For treatment purposes if it is a simple sprain icing, motrin and rest can help.  Sometimes physical therapy can help get the ankle strengthened.  Many times using a theraband can be helpful or an ankle brace.  However, both of these are only temporary until you feel better so you don't become dependent on them.
As a last resort surgery is needed to correct the painful ankle.  If you still would like to learn more please see this article.
To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto