Wanted! Ugly Toenails

Do you have toenails that you are embarrassed about?

Do you try to hide your toes in the sand when you go to the beach?

I want them here in my office so I can give you confidence back.  Many of my patients lack confidence because they are concerned about the look of their nails.

Here is what I will do:

1. take a nail sample and send it to a pathology lab
2.  once the results are back we will go over the three options of treatment (topical, oral or heat therapy)
3.  you decide what method is the best for you and will be most effective because not all treatments are the same
4.  if you decide on the topical you will leave with Formula 3 from the office, if you decide on the pills I will order a blood test to make sure you don't have liver problem and then I will prescribe 3 months of Terbinafine pills, if you want heat therapy we will heat your toenails to the level that kills the fungus
5.  you will return to the office for follow-up care and if needed additional treatments will be given

That is all there is to it, call to schedule your appointment today or read my Free Fungus Report by putting your name and email here.

Fungal Nail Report

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To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto