Lisfranc Foot Injury

This week I had a few patients with a foot sprain that that just never got better.  

Here is the story...

There was one patient that over a year ago injured her foot.  She had an x-ray with no fracture noted.  But the pain has lasted over a year.  This condition is called a Lisfranc injury and she came in for an x-ray that showed a little space between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bases.  
(See example)

This never got better and now she has arthritis in the joint.  How do you treat it.  Well you treat the symptoms with Motrin, ice, pain relieving gels.  Also, you will try to reduce the movement with good shoes, orthotics or a walking boot.  I hope this helps.  I have included below an article from the American Academy of Family Physicians about this topic   Here is the link below it is well written and easy to understand about Lisfranc injuries.  I hope you enjoy.

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto