What to do with vision impaired patients with foot wounds? How to educate them?

I am very excited to present a new solution for our patients with diabetes and vision impairment.  You may not know but foot wounds (also called ulcers) go hand in hand with retinopathy (problems with eyesight that can cause blindness).

Up to this point patients with foot wounds and vision problems could only be instructed in the office and handouts could only be given to caretakers.  Also, as you know many elderly people do not know how to use the computer easily.

What is the solution?  Use the telephone.  In conjunction with a free recorded message I have put together wound healing information that patients can call and listen to for free.  Most people have unlimited minutes for long distance so give this number a try and pass it on to those you know that have diabetes or foot wounds.

An outline is below of how to call in and what is covered in each section.  Feel free to pass this on to whoever you think would benefit.

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto

(Follow instructions below to listen)

Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3800
Code: 32299#
100 - Introduction to healing your foot wound (12:58min)
101 - How blood sugar and nutrition can affect wound healing (12:17min)
102 - How blood flow and swelling affect wound healing (13:52min)
103 - How to evaluate your wound properly (13:51min)
105 - How poor feeling can affect wound healing (13:20min)
106 - Why debriding the wound and surgery is sometimes necessary to heal wounds (13.39min)
107 - How to choose a dressing for your wound and when grafts are needed (14:42min)
108 - How to off-load your wound and when you can start wearing a normal shoe again (16:53min)
109 - How to prevent further wounds when healed and other diabetes complications (15:12min)
110 - Conclusion and review of other advances in wound care (9:25min)