Arthritis in the big toe joint - Hallux Limitus

I had a patient come into the office complaining of pain on the outside of big toe joint and the top of the foot.  This patient had more pain when walking more and less pain when less active.  When looking at the x-ray here is a similar type of problem.

How do we treat this type of a problem.  First of all there are a number of ways including medications, injections and surgery.  However, two important ideas that can help delay surgery include shoe modifications and orthotics. 
  • Shoe modifications - A shoe that doesn't rub on the joint is helpful.  The best one that I have found is the gel kayano that has biased lacing on the shoe to not rub on the area.  As well you can not lace over the bump to reduce the pain.
  • Orthotics - A special addition to the orthotics called a morton's extension can be helpful in reducing the movement over the joint.
These are a few of the ways of treating this condition without surgery.

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto