Do nail liquids work on fungal nails?

The nail liquids I'm talking about are liquid application that you can put on your thickened nails.  Normally when you have nail thickening it's caused by a fungus involving the nail. There are many different types of liquids that can be used to put on the nail and there are many different types of home remedies as well. 

If you do internet search about treatments for fungal nails there are probably thousands of treatments both topical, laser, medicines by mouth.  I always ask my patients, "do you know why there are a thousand treatments for fungal toe nails?". The reason is there is no very good one, there's no excellent one out there.  There are many types that you can put on such as tea tree oil, Vicks and there's one we have in our office called Formula Three. They all work good on certain people's toe nails.  

I tend to find they work on nails that are less involved, meaning there's only a little bit of fungus on the nail. If you've been trying to use it for over a couple of months and it hasn't worked, meaning it hasn't cleared out the nail I would try another type of a treatment, either the medicine by mouth (Lamisil) for fungal laser treatment.  

Lastly, if your only desire is to keep the nail a little bit thinner that's what the topicals are good for is actually thinning out the nail, making it softer. 

To You Health, Dr. Donald Pelto