Diabetic Footcare Basics

Diabetics hear a lot of warnings about being cautious about their feet.  When it gets confusing, stick to the basics.  Manage your blood sugars well, exercise, and do not smoke.  Make your podiatrist your partner in healthy foot care.  Ask about special orthotics designed for the insensitive diabetic foot, and make sure to contact your podiatrist immediately if you are having any problems with your feet.  Wear shoes with a high, wide toe box, and removable insoles. A firm heel counter will also help with support and stability.   Modifications will be determined by your doctor.   Keep your feet healthy by washing them daily in warm water; keeping them soft with lotion; and checking them daily for any cuts, sores, or swelling.

It's important for diabetics to seek help for chronic foot conditions in order to avoid any long-term complications.  Early detection and prompt treatment can keep a small problem from developing into a serious one.  We will discuss all treatments for your foot or ankle problem and help you decide which option is best for you and your lifestyle.  Please call us today at 508-757-4003 to schedule an appointment.  Central Massachusetts Podiatry is located at 299 Lincoln St., Suite 202, Worcester.

NOTE:  Diabetics are advised to protect their feet from hot and cold.