For those who need to increase their balance by adjusting for abnormal foot motion, the answer may be orthotics.  These orthopedic devices can be standard or custom made, subject to each individual's needs.  Abnormal gait can lead to a wide variety of conditions, including bunions, heel spurs, and shin splints.  Orthotic users range from athletes to those who suffer from arthritic foot conditions.  Even if there is no immediate need for them, orthotics will promote good foot care by providing protection and comfort to the feet.  Achieving stability of the foot and ankle can also help improve body function.  The type of orthotic worn is dictated by the style of footwear since orthotics differ in thickness and size.

There is no reason to suffer and continue to experience foot discomfort from bunions, heel pain, toenail problems, skin disorders, and a myriad of other conditions such as discussed in today's column.  You will receive the highest quality medical care coupled with the personal attention you expect and deserve.  Our approach is conservative, gentle, and caring at 299 Lincoln St., Suite 202, Worcester, and we welcome your call for family foot care at 508-757-4003.  Our doctors are dedicated to understanding each patient's podiatric concerns and provide a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.  The doctors are board certified, fellowship trained and skilled in all aspects of foot and ankle techniques, both clinically and surgically.

HINT:  Achilles tendonitis can be caused by abnormal foot motions.