Casting Call

          If your broken foot requires a cast, how is it made?  A cast is a supportive, solid bandage that encompasses the extremity.  Plaster and fiberglass are the two most common materials used to create casts.  Casts made of plaster are most often used when repositioning the bone is necessary.  Plaster can be molded to the individual and will hold the bone in the proper position while healing.  Unfortunately, plaster casts are heavy and bulky.  They must stay dry or the shape will become distorted and negatively affect the proper healing process.  Fiberglass is generally used when the broken bone is not out of position or healing is already in progress.  Fiberglass casts are lighter and sturdier, and require less care.
            Podiatrists are specially trained to care for foot fractures, including providing the casts that help broken bones heal correctly.  In addition to being skilled at making a diagnosis and establishing an appropriate treatment plan, we strive to decrease your pain and other symptoms and prepare you for a return to activity.  We'll also counsel you on how to prevent problems from recurring.  Our state-of-the-art footcare facilities are located at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Worcester, where sports injuries are on of our areas of special concern.  You can reach us at 508-757-4003.

HINT:  All casts have a few layers of cotton underneath to protect the skin.