Troublesome Trimming


            If you trim your toenails too short, you may experience an ingrown toenail.  Trimming toenails to be tapered at the corners can predispose the nail to grow into the skin of the toe, with the nail curling down and digging into the skin.  Initially, the area may become swollen, hard, and tender.  Eventually, it can become infected.  Nonsurgical treatment begun early on includes soaking the foot in warm water and wearing sandals.  The edge of the ingrown toenail can be gently lifted, and cotton or waxed floss inserted between the nail and the skin.  This should be changed daily until the condition clears up.  Surgical treatment may include having the nail partially or completely removed while taking oral antibiotics.

            Ingrown toenails often occur from improper trimming, but poor foot structure, heredity, injury, and infection can be contributing factors.  Whatever is causing your feet to hurt, we'd like you to know there is experienced, dedicated, professional foot care available here in the Worcester area.  We offer foot care for the family in an atmosphere of calm, compassionate concern.  Our office is located at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, -Worcester.  Call 508-757-4003 for an appointment.


HINT:  To prevent ingrown toenails, trim the nails no shorter than the edge of the toe.