Many people receive treadmills as holiday presents or purchase them to lose weight as part of a New Year’s resolution.  Exercising on a treadmill, if not done with care, can result in complicating common conditions.  The normal human cadence, which is 90 to 120 steps per walking minute, experiences a substantial spike during treadmill use.  Plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory condition of the foot, can result.  In addition, as the treadmill user tires during the exercise, the natural response is to shift the upper body forward, causing an unnatural running gait.  This can result in overworking the Achilles tendon, causing nagging pain.  Proper training techniques and decreasing inclines and speed while using a treadmill can keep negative effects in check.

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NOTE:  If you feel discomfort while using a treadmill, try dropping the speed and lowering the incline.