Puffy Paws



            Even a healthy person can experience swollen feet.  This common condition can be brought on by numerous underlying factors.  Feet may swell slightly during the day since gravity pulls the fluids of the body downward.  Pregnancy can cause veins to leak blood into the tissues, resulting in swelling.  Trauma to the feet, including sprains and breaks, will ordinarily cause a large amount of swelling.  Malnourishment or an excessive use of salt can result in swollen feet.  Elevation of the legs is the most important treatment to reduce swelling.  The level of the legs should be above the level of the heart.  Avoid standing in once place for too long, monitor your sodium intake, and drink plenty of water.


            When you first visit our offices because you are experiencing swollen feet, pain, or other unusual symptoms, we'll conduct a physical exam and diagnostic tests to determine your foot problem.  Once a diagnosis is made, we'll develop a treatment plan designed to relieve your discomfort and/or correct the problem.  We offer a wide range of technologically advanced podiatric treatments and procedures at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Worcester.  Please call us for an appointment at 508-757-4003.


HINT:  You can treat swollen feet on your own, but seek professional assistance if you want reassurance that what you are doing is the best approach.