Diabetic Socks



            The high blood sugar level experienced by diabetics increases the risk of foot ulcers.  Therefore, if is imperative to control foot moisture and ensure less constriction of the area.  Diabetic socks are designed to meet those challenges.  They are constructed without seams, and they resist wrinkling.  These socks are available in cotton blends with non-binding tops; they are also sold in compression versions.  Numerous colors are available, but if the wearer has wounds or scars, wearing white socks is preferable.  The socks are made in short and mid-calf styles and do not appear vastly different from regular socks.  To determine which diabetic sock is appropriate for a specific diabetic patient, consult a podiatrist.


            It is estimated that 15 percent of all diabetics will develop a serious foot condition at some point, including infection, ulceration, or gangrene.  As most cases of these conditions are preventable through appropriate footwear, regular visits to the podiatrist, and scrupulous home care, we urge all diabetics to consider podiatric care as a very important component in managing their diabetic condition.  We offer comprehensive foot care at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202.  Please call us here in Worcester at 508-757-4003 for an appointment.


NOTE:  Diabetic socks should be constructed without constricting cuffs.