The Team Approach in the Management of the Diabetic Foot

There was a recent article in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association in the July/August 2010 edition that discussed the team approach for treating diabetic foot infections.  Here are some interesting facts from this article that may be relevant to you:
  • Foot ulcers occur in up to 25% of patients with diabetes and occur before eight in ten amputations
  • Nearly half of all patients who undergo an amputation will possibly loose their other leg due to poor circulation
  • Many who have an amputation on 1 foot will likely need an amputation on the other foot within 5 years
  • Foot surgery can be a conservative treatment to avoid major amputations due to foot wounds
  • Prophylactic foot surgery has been used to prevent ulcers from returning and leading to amputation
  • Off-loading the foot can help reduce further wounds
Most importantly from this article is that ulcers and woulds are dangerous and should be taken seriously as they can lead to needing an amputation.  That is what I try to prevent as a podiatrist.

See the article here:

To your health,
Dr. Pelto