Question: How long will it take to recover from my foot surgery?

This is a common question I get as my patients think about foot surgery.  There are no two surgeries alike, however , surgeries where you need to surgically cut the bone and place in a pin take about 4-6 weeks.  That is the same time to heal a broken bone and there is no way to speed it up (except a bone stimulator).  Examples of such surgeries included bunion surgery, application of external fixation device and heel surgery.  

Other surgeries that do not cut the bone and require pins take less time with a minimum of 2 weeks as that is the amount of time for the skin to heal.  Examples of such surgeries included simple hammertoe correction, neuroma surgery, heel pain surgery and removing soft tissue bumps such as warts.  All surgeries vary in terms of time to full walking and we can talk more about that during your visit.

To your health,
Dr. Pelto