TOPAZ For Chronic Heel Pain

For many of my patient's who are frustrated with their heel pain there is a new surgical procedure called Topaz.  It involves us radio frequency to make multiple perforations in the plantar fascia in order to stimulate blood flow to the area and healing of the chronic  pain cycle.  Those who may benefit from Topaz have met the following criteria.

  1. Had heel pain for over 6 months.
  2. Have not had success with steroid injections.
  3. Have not had success with stretching, deep tissue massage and physical therapy.
  4. Have not had success with night splint.
  5. Have not had success with NSAIDs and icing to the area.
  6. Have not had success with new shoes and custom orthotics.
Here is a video of the procedure and their website to learn more.
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