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  • Have you been struggling with heel pain?
  • Are you dealing with plantar fasciitis and can't get over the symptoms?
  • Do you have pain when you get out of bed in the morning or struggle to stand and walk as you used to?
  • Are you confused by all the online recommendations?
  • Have you spent over $300 on shoes and other devices from Amazon?

If so then you are in the right place.

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- Dr. Donald Pelto

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I thought this course was fantastic. It is going to be a tremendous resource for initial patient appointments. I wish it was available to me on my initial visit especially the plantar fasciitis check list and treatment evaluator. I have already recommended this course to one friend with chronic plantar fasciitis and will continue to refer friend's to this resource. Thank you for educating patients with a reliable source that is so easily accessible in one location.



Thank you for sharing this great resource! The staggered approach to the course is very helpful. I have learned more about plantar fasciitis in the last 4 days (since I came across your material) than I did in the last 4 years that I have spent with plantar fascial pain.

Key benefits from this course

  • Developed by practicing podiatrist - Dr. Donald Pelto has been in practice since 2009 and has successfully treated thousands of patients.
  • Ask questions anytime - You can learn and study at your own pace and ask questions anytime on this online course. 
  • Learn from others - With many students completing this course you can learn from others who have taken the course before you and read their questions as well. 
  • Use as a 2nd opinion - If you want to make sure you are getting the best treatment for your condition take this course and evaluate your treatment based on the treatment recommendations in this course. 
  • Go at your own pace - You can study the content at your place and save time away from work. You can learn in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Reduce doctor's visits - Many patients who come to the office after taking this course can reduce 1-2 visits because they have learned about their condition and tried the initial treatments. 

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If you have wasted more than 2 weeks and spent more than $300 on shoes and products save yourself time and money and get this course.

You get a 30-Day money-back guarantee!

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You can save up to 2 visits by using this online course. Everything for about the cost of an office visit copay.

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Learn about treatment and start all the treatments at your before seeing a doctor.

Get Your Life Back

Get back to being active, walking, and enjoying your life without always thinking about your heel.

This is what you will learn 

  • Day 1 - You will get an overview of plantar fasciitis and a free copy of my Plantar Fasciitis Book
  • Day 2 - You will learn what plantar fasciitis is in detail and how it relates to other conditions such as a tight heel cord and Achilles tendonitis.
  • Day 3 - You will learn how to determine what are the proper diagnostic exams that will help you best with your condition. I will review images of x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs to give you a better explanation. 
  • Day 4 - You will learn what clinical exams work best to verify you have plantar fasciitis and not something else.  
  • Day 5 - You will learn about the different treatment options for plantar fasciitis and the estimated time it takes to get better. 
  • Day 6 - You will learn about the plantar fasciitis checklist, which I use to get 99% of my patients better with heel pain. 
  • Day 7 - You will learn the different types of home treatments you can do on your own or before you see a doctor about your condition. 
  • Day 8 - You will learn the doctor-specific treatments and when you should consider them such as cortisone injections, orthotics, and physical therapy. 
  • Day 9 - You will learn about the Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Evaluator which will help you compare the relative effectiveness among the different types of treatment options to help you make an educated treatment decision. 
  • Day 10 - You will learn about the surgical options for plantar fasciitis and when to consider surgery. 
  • Day 11 - You will get to hear all of the commonly asked questions and the answers to them regarding plantar fasciitis. 
  • Day 12 - You will get a simplified explanation of two academic articles regarding plantar fasciitis and how that can help you understand and treat your condition better. 
  • Day 13 - You will get to see me go over my Plantar Fasciitis Patient Presentation. This is the same presentation I use daily in my office to help patients. I have included a copy of my slides for you to use as a reference. 
  • Day 14 - You will get an opportunity to get all my online resources on plantar fasciitis as well as an opportunity to ask any final questions you may have to help with your recovery.

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